Adventure Log Template

Please post your adventure logs in this format.

Dungeon Master: Bob

Characters Involved:

Name, Race, Class (Specialism) for each character, and link to Character Page on this wiki if available. 

Character Level at Start: 5-6

Character Level at End: 6

Adventure Log: 

Please provide outline of the adventure. As well as the story, be sure to include:

- any treasure/magic items given out

- any positive/negative conditions of the PCs (e.g. "so and so is now cursed to blah blah blah…"), and

- any major changes to the setting ("The Lazy Lion Tavern is now a smoking wreck due to an unfortunately placed fireball from Sora the Sorcerer"). 

A note on tagging: 

Please be kind and add the PC's names to the tags for each log, so players and other DMs can easily find prior adventures. 



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