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First off, thank you for showing interest in joining this gamestyle. I have never run anything like this, so it will take some time to get used to it and work out certain issues that will inevitably arise.
The premise of this type of game allows a large volume of players to interact with each other. They live within a self-contained universe that works a lot like MMORPGs. The players are responsible for forming parties, scheduling sessions and setting out to resolve the rumor(s) they have. Once a party returns they are encouraged to spread what they have discovered by way of Write Ups. I will be rewarding this with certain mechanical benefits. The party decides who does the write (and who receives this benefit). This reward system will be patched as it becomes necessary. If you want more information on a West Marches game, check out: https://youtu.be/oGAC-gBoX9k That is where I got the idea from. Matt is an awesome guy, great instructional videos for aspiring DMs.(edited)


Matthew Colville

The West Marches, Running the Game #30


Apart from a few "gamey" mechanisms that are required to run this sort of game, these games will be run as a story. There won't be any overarching plot or main story structure. You will be people in a dangerous world. You are encouraged to Roleplay. You don't have to be as good as Liam or Laura (I am certainly not as good as Matt), but any amount of RPing in whatever character you come up with is fine. The more you get into it, the more you will enjoy it. Some rules will be homebrewed. Your only "job" as a player is to play your character. Allow whatever DM you have to run the game as they have planned it. Any DM will be approved by me first so I can vet out any potential "Evil aligned" DMs. If you have an issue with your DM, take it up with them post game in a civil, mature fashion. Backseat DMing is a NO go. If you know a rule, and the DM got it wrong, write it on a posted note and message the DM after the game. Metagaming, sexual harassment, inappropriate behaviour, bullying, taking agency from other players, stalking or any rudeness of any kind is not permitted and action will be taken immediately. Please treat each other with the respect that every equal free human deserves. I don't want to have to remove any of you from this game, but I won't hesitate if you are harming someone else. Remember we are a Critical Role community game and should adhere the the rules mentioned in the Facebook group.

The easiest way to make sure that you remain in this game is: Be amiable. Once each of you have created a character, I will give you a rumor. You are the party leader when it is your rumor. It is your responsiblity to form a party and make sure everyone shows up. Parties are(edited)

I'll keep character creation simple. Using 5th editions rules to create a character. Point Buy system. You can use anything on the DMs Guild, UA, or any official books or patches as long as you run it by me first. Be as thorough as you need in order to play your character. Once your character is approved I will give you your rumor. Every player starts at level 1. We will be using XP to chart level growth. Please don't ask for XP. I will post XP after the session, based on merit. And yes, you can get XP for RPing. A good principle of character creation is: play something that excites you. Once you have a party of 5, the leader creates a group and invites the DM into it to organize further

[First Timers Read This]

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